Pieter Lourens is an IT Leader specialising in information technology. His primary experience is in the financial sector (since 1999) mostly spent in the insurance industry. Pieter worked at multinational organisations servicing large corporates and implementing enterprise systems. These global enterprises contributed to a solid cross-cultural and best practice experience.

Pieter has a broad and in-depth knowledge of information systems and their technologies, combined with leadership and management competencies; Pieter is a change agent specialising in the application of information technology to improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

He received a MSc in Information Systems Management from the Roehampton University, BCom in Business Informatics from UNISA, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from Heriot Watt University. He completed various higher education certificates and courses from UNISA, GIBS, University of Oxford, and Stanford University. He earned professional certificates including ZCE, ISTQB® CTFL, OCP Developer, OCP DBA, OCUP™, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Project+, PRINCE2®, ITILv3®, and M_o_R®.


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Strengths (by Mintzberg Roles)

Styles: Transformational, Situational, Servant


Strategy: SWOT, PESTAL, VRIO, Balanced Scorecard, Value Chain, SISP (using SAM), McKinsey 7S

Service Techniques: Asset Management, SDLC, Incident Management, BCP, DR, Service Desk

Project Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Spiral, PRINCE2, XP

Project Techniques: Budgeting, Procurement, Scoping (incl. CPM, PERT, EVA), Quality Management, Risk Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Facilitation, Estimation (incl. COCOMO)


Languages: PHP, C++, Visual C++, Pascal/Delphi, GW/Turbo/Visual Basic, VBA, GraphTalk, Java, JavaScript, PL SQL, HTML 4/5, XML/XSLT/XHTML/XQuery, JSoN, CSS 2/3

Integration: Flat File, CORBA, SOAP/XSD/WSDL, JSoN, Open/Public API

Databases: Oracle, Ms SQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Access

Hardware/Networks: Windows Server/Desktop, Linux, Oracle Solaris, IBM iOS, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/FTPS, GSM, SSH, POP, IMAP, SMTP, PPP


  • Present
  • Project Manager @ Q LINK

    January 2014 - Present

    Pieter manages information systems implementation and innovation projects, enabling the company to grow their customer base and at the same time extend the business capabilities. The effort extends to the improvement of project management practices, standards, and better integration with functional divisions.

    Q LINK , the largest transactional switch in Africa, has automated the ability to implement rules and smart processes for high volume deductions ensuring, amongst others, compliance and an improved success rate of such deductions.

  • 2014
  • General Manager & Systems Specialist @ ISTec

    May 2013 - December 2013

    Pieter is the founder and general manager of the business, structuring and leading the business.

    ISTec is an IT consulting and development firm, specialising in online information systems. ISTec´s major customers are DHI and NextEra.


    DHI is a transnational organisation, specialising in hydrology. ISTec contributes to the South African Water Affairs project, developing a Geographic Management Information System. ISTec also assists in sizing the needed infrastructure, servicing a nationally distributed system.

    NextEra is a local telecommunication business, consulting and advising on telecommunication best practices and cost-savings. ISTec advises and helps the business to implement the needed platform architecture. ISTec also consults and assists the business to develop a Telecommunications Management Information System, using an XP methodology.


    Andrew Pott, Executive Director

  • 2013
  • Senior Technical Engineer (Infrastructure Manager) @ SSP

    October 2007 - May 2013

    Pieter manages IT applications deployment and takes responsibility for the overall management of small projects in relation to release management & technical integration, and assist with larger scale projects. The role also extends to procurement, input to new business propositions, investigation of new products and technologies, and business contingency; both internally and externally to the organization.

    SSP is a transnational corporation, specialising in short-term insurance information systems. SSP´s customers are served through hosting, maintenance, development, and complete managed services.


    Rhys Collins, Head of Operations

    David Wills, Account Manager

    Ian Frew, CIO

    Russell Brett, Enterprise Architect

  • 2007
  • Systems Architect / IT Consultant @ CSC

    October 2001 - September 2007

    Pieter consults customers and internal divisions to understand their information systems needs better, responding with proposed solutions. When approved, solutions are designed and handed over for development. Pieter also contributes to larger scale bidding processes, responding to the technical parts of tenders.

    CSC is a transnational corporation with over 70,000 staff in over 70 countries. CSC provides IT services and professional services to a broad range of industries. Pieter operates in the insurance division.

  • Senior Analyst Programmer @ LEAF International Communications

    April 2001 - September 2001

    Pieter is a member of the Research and Development (RnD) team, developing innovative solutions. Pieter developed the initiatives using embedded development to auto-detect electronic capabilities of a GSM modem and integrating an SMS gateway with an exchange server to send SMSs from Ms Outlook. Visual Basic and MS SQL are the default programming languages utilised.

    LEAF International Communications is a medium-sized telecommunications and engineering company. In partnership with MTN, LEAF developed new innovative products.


    Conrad Leigh, Managing Director

  • 2001
  • Junior Analyst Programmer @ IntelX Solutions

    May 1999 - March 2001

    Pieter is a software programmer, part of a 30 member software development team. The project team develop an employee benefits system using Graphtalk and an Oracle DB. Pieter programs business models and processes using the Object Orientated language (OOP) and an Object Relational Model (ORM), persisting data to an object database.

    IntelX Solutions is a small start-up business comprising of IT professionals, selling their expertise to Computer Science Corporation (CSC).

  • 1999
  • Operations Manager @ LouPrins

    Jan 1998 - December 1998

    Pieter managed a citrus farm, harvesting bananas all year round. Operations comprised of personnel management, maintaining equipment, procurement, and improvement of operations and facilities.

    LouPrins is a close corporation owning a 24-hectare farm, employing 15 staff members.

  • 1998


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2018 - 2020 (expected) Dip. Financial Accounting (Diploma, NQF 6)

2015 - 2016, 2018 - 2019 (expected) Master´s in Business Administration (British Degree)

Roehampton University  

2015 - 2018 MSc. Information Systems Management (British Degree)

Stanford University  

2015 - Negotiations (Professional Course)

2015 - Leading Innovation (Professional Course)

University of South Africa (UNISA)

2012 - 2016 BCom Business Informatics (Degree, NQF 7) 

2014 Business Communication (Professional Programme, NQF 6 - 79%

2013 C++ Programming (Professional Certificate, NQF 5)

2012 Customer Relationship Marketing (Professional Certificate, NQF 6 - 86%)

2011 Business Management and Entrepreneurship (Professional Programme, NQF 5 - 73%

2009 Software Project Management (Professional Certificate, NQF 5)

University of Oxford  

2014 - Politics (Course, FHEQ 4)

2014 - Globalization (Course, FHEQ 4)

University of Pretoria (GIBS - Business School)  

2014 - Financial Management (Professional Course - 70%)

2014 - Accounting (Professional Course - 83%)

2014 - Project Management (Professional Course - 77%)

Office of Government Commerce

2018 PRINCE2 (Practitioner Certificate)

2014 Management of Risk (Foundation Certificate - 80%)

2014 PRINCE2 (Foundation Certificate)

2013 IT Service Management, ITILv3 (Foundation Certificate - 100%)


2015 Security+ (Certificate)

2014 Project+ (Certificate)

2012 Network+ (Certificate)

Oracle University

2014 Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 Database Administrator (Certificate)

2013 Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 Developer (Certificate - 77%)

2012 Oracle Certified Associate, MySQL 5 (Certificate - 92%)

International Software Quality Institute

2013 CTFL - Certified Software Tester (Foundation Certificate)

Zend Technologies Ltd.

2013 Zend Certified Engineer (Certificate)

Object Management Group, Inc.

2012 UML2 Professional (Certificate)

Hatfield Business College

1999 Advanced IT (Diploma - 92%)


Andrew Pott
Director at DHI

“I highly recommend Pieter as an extremely knowledgeable IT specialist. While working with DHI Pieter applied himself diligently to the tasks required of him. Pieter was always willing to share his knowledge with the rest of the team, and was always willing to take on difficult technical challenges.”

Rhys Collins
Head of Operations at SSP (Africa)

“Pieter is a very clever individual who researches the subject matter thoroughly before embarking on implementing change. He successfully completed a number of development projects at SSP prior to moving to the role of infrastructure manager, He has a broad understanding of IT in general which he can apply to any given role. He also has a great sense of humour!”

David Wills
Account Manager at SSP (Asia Pacfic)

“In early 2009 Pieter was seconded from South Africa to complete a critical delivery component of our project based in Melbourne Australia.

Pieter´s dedication to the task at hand coupled with his skills and ability to grasp the issues at hand were a pivotal component in meeting our deliveries.

In addition to being an invaluable asset through his time on the project. Pieter has continued to make himself available for international discussions sharing his knowledge and experiences as and when needed.”

Ian Frew
CIO at CGU Insurance

“Pieter was sent over from South Africa as an expert in his field to assist us to deliver our strategic initiative. From the moment he arrived we had clarity and started to see rapid, dependable delivery with pragmatic approach and advise. I can´t recommend Pieter highly enough.”

Russell Brett
Enterprise Architect at Insurance Australia Group (IAG)

“The combination of Pieter's deep technical knowledge combined with his persistence and determination to resolve complex problems and exceed the client's expectations makes him one of the best technologists I have had the pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

Conrad Leigh
Managing Director at Multisource

“Pete is a brilliant developer and analyst, would recommend him to anyone!”


Moreleta Park, Pretorius Park Area



South Africa